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Thursday, 24 February 2011

Ready for Action!

I'm currently bracing myself for action. Tomorrow is my last day at work before a week off. It's not going to be a relaxing one, as we've a huge list of things to be done. Most are garden related, and therefore dependent on the weather. We will still get everything done if it rains - we'll just be miserable whilst doing it!

The list includes: Remove old corrugated iron boundary and replace with 50 odd foot of fence. Cut down 2 very tall trees. Replace broken panes of glass in greenhouse. (These last 2 need to done in this order as the trees are next to the greenhouse, and we don't want to tempt fate!). Finish digging the lawn over to a vegetable bed. Replace 2 disintegrating trellis panels (hurrah - more kindling for the wood-burner!). Attempt to build a bigger compost bin from pallets. Sow tomato, aubergine, salad and broad bean seeds. Various trips to the tip. Getting stuff into the loft, getting stuff out of the loft......

I'm starting to wonder if we'll need a week off to recover from the week off!

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